“My goal is to make people look
beautiful and bring out what is on the
inside. I truly believe that beauty lies
within our character.”
—François Nars
I don’t believe in blank beauty.
I need character and personality.”
—François Nars
“Makeup is about being true to
yourself and enhancing your natural beauty.
It helps you face the world.”
—François Nars
"I sought out girls with freckles, raw beauty.
It was a new concept. I wanted to
show that they were human."
—François Nars
“I wanted to
bring a new
eye to beauty.”
—François Nars
“I have a real love affair with lipstick.
—François Nars
“I like to shock – I try not to be boring.
The NARS collection is timeless and
chic with a touch of fashion.
But, I still like to be provocative.”
—François Nars