Nars, under Shiseido (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Company”) intends to protect your personal data and affirms that your personal data is protected under this Privacy Policy.

“Personal Data” means any data relating to a person, which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the data of the deceased persons in particular.


This Privacy Policy describes the type of Personal Data collected by the Company as well as collecting, using and disclosure methods of such Personal Data.

The Company collects personal data via (but not limited to) when you do the activities as follows:

1.1 Purchasing or viewing products on ("website");

1.2 Purchasing the products at the Company’s stores;

1.3 Connecting to the Company via social media or joining in the Company’s marketing events/activities; and

1.4 Agreeing and consent to be a member, either in written or via electronics methods.

The Company may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted here and/or sent to you via email. If there is any change on the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the Company will notify the said change to you.

We suggest that you periodically check this Privacy Policy page for the updated version of how the Company manages your personal data.

2. Consent

The Company will not collect, use, or disclose your personal information without your consent (if it is allowed and authorized by law that the Company could collect, use, and disclose your Personal Data without your consent).

Types of Personal Data collected by the Company are as follows:
(a) name and surname;
(b) address;
(c) date of birth;
(d) email address;
(e) username;
(f) receipt address and delivery address;
(g) ID card number or passport number; and
(h) name of social media accounts.

3. Purposes

The Company collects, uses, and discloses your Personal Data for the purposes of services (but not limited to) as follows:

3.1 Sending products information and public relations from the Company, Shiseido Group, and the Company’s alliance via email, SMS, and mail;

3.2 Web-purchasing and receiving the Company’ s online services;

3.3 Facilitating a transaction which you do with the Company;

3.4 Sending out the Company’s product samples and/or products to you;

3.5 Informing of news in relation to services related progress, changes, and development update in connection with the Company;

3.6 Notifying you regarding key changes in this Privacy Policy, including other the Company’ polices or services;

3.7 Providing personal consultation;

3.8 Replying to your questions and comments;

3.9 Website maintenance and management;

3.10 Management and administration process, and business;

3.11 Cooperation with business alliance and outsourced data processor for specific service parts;

3.12 Collection of the customer data, market analysis, and market research for the Company’s products and services developing;

3.13 Prevention, detection, and investigation of crime, as well as analysis and management of risk for business; and

3.14 Conducting any measurements to achieve the aforementioned purposes. (Collectively referred to as “Services”)

4. Your rights regarding Personal Data under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 “(PDPA)” are:

4.1 Right to withdrawal or cancellation the consent of collecting, using, and disclosing of Personal Data

4.2 Right to access or request for Personal Data copy or to request for disclosure of Personal Data obtaining methods;

4.3 Right to request for or transfer the Personal Data

4.4 Right to object to any data process activity of your Personal Data for the legal bases;

4.5 Right to request for deletion, destruction or anonymization the Personal Data;

4.6 Right to request for restraining utilization of the Personal Data;

4.7 Right to request for rectification of your Personal Data to be accurate, up-to-date, complete and not misleading;

4.8 Right to file complaints with the Personal Data protection committee

5. Minors

This website is directed toward and designed for use by persons aged 20 or older. The Company has no intention to collect personal data from minors, age under 20, except for websites that were directed specifically for minors.

The Company protects minors’ Personal Data including parent’s permission as same as protections provided to the personal data of person who is sui juris.

6. Disclosure and transference of the personal data to third parties

The Company will not disclose or transfer your personal data to third party without your request and consent (if it is allowed and authorized by law that the Company could proceed on such matters)

The Company may collect, use, and disclose the Personal Data you entrusted via accessing our servers in the US and other countries where regulations and laws may not guarantee the same personal data protection as in Thailand. However, the Company will provide proper protection measurements that is applicable to the rights you acquired as well as efficient legal remedies measurements, regardless of where your personal data were collected, used, or disclosed.

6.1 Disclosure of the Personal Data among Shiseido Group companies

Shiseido Group consists of many affiliates and legal entities, located both in Thailand and overseas. The Company may disclose your personal data to the aforementioned affiliates and legal entities as necessary and as may be reasonable for compiling organization’s report, market research and analysis, customer relationship management, and other related legal and business purposes. Please note that your personal data will be disclosed to affiliates and legal entities only when necessary for business and legal proposes. The Company also requires affiliates and legal entities to provide protection in accordance to related regulations, laws, and this Privacy Policy while prohibiting data used for other purposes.

6.2 Disclosure of the personal data to business alliance

The Company cooperates with business alliance, for various services providing on behalf of The Company. The Company may allow to use your Personal Data for marketing and promotion purposes, and other services and activities that you might be interested, as well as for marketing research and market analysis, customer relations management, and to process your products/services online order. Please note that the Company only provides the Personal Data to business alliance as necessary for their services providing. The Company also requires business alliance to provide protection for the Personal Data in accordance to related regulations, laws, and this Privacy Policy and prohibit to use the Personal Data for other purposes.

6.3 Disclosure of the Personal Data to the data processor, who is the third party

The Company may use the third parties service providers’ services to support website maintenance and management or for other reasons regarding website and business management. The third-party service providers may receive your personal data from the Company for this purpose which the Company provides personal data only when necessary for the providing services on the Company’s behalf. The Company also requires third party service providers to provide protection in accordance to related regulations, laws, and this Privacy Policy while prohibiting data utilized for other purposes.

6.4 Other disclosure

The Company may use or disclose your Personal Data for proceeding on your requests and (a) performing in accordance with the law and regulation; (b) protection and defense customers’ and staffs’ rights or properties; (c) proceeding emergency measurement for security of the Company’s customers or public, depending on each case.

7. Security and Protection

The Company performs under procedures, standards, and security measurements to protect personal data the company has been collecting. Once your personal data is received, either in written or electronic forms, the Company will proceed on security measurements to provide protection in accordance with the law.

The Company will provide optimal care to prevent accesses to your Personal Data without permission when, the company discloses or transfers of your Personal Data via internet. However, the Company cannot guarantee that data transferring via internet is completely safe.

8. Personal Data Collection

The Company will not keep your personal data longer than necessary to carry out the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy or other legal and business purposes. Your personal data will be deleted or anonymized after the aforementioned period.

9. Governing Law

This Privacy Policy is to be governed by the laws of Thailand.

10. Data Controller Contact Information

For more information on this Privacy Policy or exercising rights regarding your personal data according to the “PDPA”, please contact or Company’ Data Controller at

Shiseido (Thailand) Co., Ltd
8 T1 Building, 23th-24th floor, Sukhumvit 40 Rd.
Phrakanong, Klong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Tel. 02-106-8274